Intent are relations between December and January;

Just like old memories and Stories of new promises.

Both are quite tender Both have depth;

Both are travellers on time Both have stumbled …

Colours and face of both are same;

Have same dates and equal chill.

But identities, styles and ways…

Dear Terry Larch,

I always your article very interesting and logical.

So far as Australia is concerned, it is an island continent quite separated from the other continents with no land connection which might have been possible - not even temporary by freezing of sea water.

Perhaps that is why the animals are far too different from any other found in rest of the world.

Other continents have hens and cocks, Australia has Ostrich. Animals like Kangroos existed no where else but Australia.

Therefore logically human DNA of Aboriginal Australian an be different from others in the world. But perhaps unlike animals, humans could make rafts and use them to cross seas and reached Australia.

Thanks, Joana Henderson, for the interesting and well researched article.

I am an Indian, living in India. A lot of real estate development is occurring in India almost in and around all cities but sadly my country too suffers from the problem that has been aptly phrased by you as “build first, think about details after,”

I hope that good sense would ultimately prevail and my fellow citizens would switchover to "think deeply, plan well before executing".

Thanks again.

Dear Jon Hawkins,

Your article is highly relevant and timely for what the entire humanity is facing at present. Repeated lock-downs due to COVID-19 pandemic which appears not to be ending son enough, is taking toll of our brains and physique.

What can be more useful and timely that your well considered and relevant article.

Hearty thanks for your learned work.

Stories of my life - AK Gupta

Retired engineer. Previously Executive Director — Torrent Power, CEO — L&T Power Plant O&M, Sr. V.P. — Hindalco, Director — Renusagar Eng. Services.

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