Dear James J. Devis,

Your article made me think about why AI bots went berserk and got into some kind of their own language.

If we recall our experience with our babies when they just start speaking. Initially they start with some kind of their own very personal gibberish and speak to mom in that language but if mom responds in proper mother tongue gradually the child realises that there is no go but to try and learn the way his/her mom speaks. That's how the term - mother tongue - must have evolved.

The fact of evolution seems to be "necessity is the mother of evolution". Let us consider why there came into being a plethora of languages in the world. The reason would, most logically, have been that there would have been no compulsion for Arabic people to learn Spanish etc. etc. English became the world language simply because at one point of time no too long back, English had colonised huge part of the globe and people of colonised areas were perforce under compulsion to learn English.

Therefore, if AI Bots are somehow forced to communicate in any one human language such as English or Spanish or French or German or Sanskrit or ... etc., the expectations of AI researchers would be met.

In my humble opinion the experimental AI Bots are not forced to communicate only in any of the human language and this gives them freedom (because of their INTELLIGENCE) to develop their own language.

I am not hopeful if my suggestion would find any ears but I have put it forth ... just in case...

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Anand Kumar Gupta

Anand Kumar Gupta

Retired engineer. Previously Executive Director — Torrent Power, CEO — L&T Power Plant O&M, Sr. V.P. — Hindalco, Director — Renusagar Eng. Services.