Anand Kumar Gupta
1 min readDec 31, 2021


Intent are relations between December and January;

Just like old memories and Stories of new promises.

Both are quite tender Both have depth;

Both are travellers on time Both have stumbled …

Colours and face of both are same;

Have same dates and equal chill.

But identities, styles and ways are different.

One is the end beginning is the other,

Like morning from night and from morning a night.

Memories are in one, hopes in the other;

One has experience and the faith the other …

Mingled they are like two ends of a thread,

And thought away how they play along together.

Leftovers of December the January accepts,

And promises of January the December fulfils …

How in the journey from January to December

eleven months pass;

But from December to January …

it takes not even a moment !!

In going away they change the goings on,

And year they change while closing on …

Appear they just two months of year

But they have power to bring an end and a new beginning.

Together they have tied rest of the months

And thought parting have made it festive in the end.



Anand Kumar Gupta

Retired engineer. Previously Executive Director — Torrent Power, CEO — L&T Power Plant O&M, Sr. V.P. — Hindalco, Director — Renusagar Eng. Services.